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All I Want For Christmas Is New Year's Day by GothicNarcissus

I found this particular photograph had a very strong impact. While looking at your facial expression alone I find that there is much said with just that single look. The thought, the feeling, expressed within your eyes tells the truth whereas the placid expression that seems almost as if you're trying to force a smile displays the lie. It to me speaks of placing a happy mask on for the world that is so busy around us but the truth can really be seen within the eyes no matter how hard you try to hide it.

The overall look of the image seems to express a loneliness that words cannot explain. Perhaps more than just loneliness but an overall emptiness that can sometimes plague lives. This to me is explained by the lighting around and behind you that to me seems to represent the business and cheerfulness of the holidays. The lights, the colors, the overall movement of how everything seems to spin around you when you're the one standing still. You expressed this very well.

While I believe the little tree could have been left out of the image and the impact would have been just as strong though it would not have the same emphasis on the time of year as this does. I feel the way you seem not to focus so much on the tree expresses that the feeling of interest in the holiday is dismissing it as something insignificant.

The angle of your arm placement leads my eyes back to your face which i feel is a great place to focus for this as because of the space between your face and the placement of your hands it brings notice to the tree which might have not had as much focus if not for pose of your hand in this particular case.

As for negatives of this photograph I personally cannot find many. Though i feel that the brightness of the lights in the background draws slightly away from the rest of the photograph. I feel that you had a very strong idea and with that idea you expressed a perfectly impacting image that people can relate to; myself included.
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